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Club Core

Congratulations you’ve found paradise 🌴

Club Core is back once...

Hidden in the depths of Gray's School of Art, Club Core took inspiration from many genres of music throughout time. The parties that ensued in this secret arena were some of the greatest held from the opening of Gray's, throughout the 1900s until its sad closure in 1994.


2000: Downtown Arts Club
2100: Nina Stanger (Pipe)
2200: Umbra
2300: Adam H (Pipe)

Downtown Arts Club

Downtown Arts Club have come together to curate an exclusive sonic and visual journey that will transport you to a COVID free paradise. An antidote to today’s current reality. Let go of your mouse and mind, and float downtown to the arts club.

*only by appointment. call 01224631118 for bookings.

Nina Stanger (Pipe)

Nina Stanger is a multimedia artist and DJ. She has supported DJs such as Oneman, Black Madonna, Red Axes, Moxie and Nyra.

With her music sets she plays across styles and creates a unique dancefloor energy. What connects each song is a bodily tone or sensory quality thats transmitted to the listener.


In the darkrooms of Abby Beatrice Quick’s photographic practice she sometimes enters the sonic world as ‘umbra’, collecting sounds from the shadows of celestial bodies and sharing their magical properties with the earthly realm.

Adam H (Pipe)

A veteran of the Aberdeen scene and former resident of Acid Thunder, Meta and Jungle Nation guest, Adam H has been bringing his mix of global club music to the dancefloors of the city for over a decade playing alongside the likes of Blawan, Elijah and Skilliam, Dexplicit and many others. He returns for the new decade to bring the best from around the world from UK grown sounds to the US east coast and the best of African and Latin scenes to Pipe.