Communication Design

The communication design disciplines bridge both analogue and digital, forming an integral part of our daily lives and wider contemporary society. The successful integration of these visual elements is an increasingly complex challenge.

The curriculum aims to explore and respond to these opportunities and places emphasis on the professional and commercial setting through industry-led projects, national design competitions, placements and internships.



“Welcome to the 2020 Degree Show exhibition which features an eclectic range of work spanning the various communication design disciplines. Throughout the year, this talented and capable cohort have demonstrated their aptitude and a remarkable ability to adapt to the current circumstances.

They have researched and explored a wide range of topics, themes and subjects and questioned current thinking within a variety of contexts. Their drive and enthusiasm has resulted in a body of work that presents a wide range of innovative solutions and creative visual responses. We hope that you will enjoy and appreciate their professional and diverse range of outcomes.”

Senior Lecturer & Honours Coordinator

Iain Morrison

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