Three Dimensional Design

The Three-Dimensional Design degree provides the opportunity to fully explore the disciplines of Product Design, Ceramics/Glass and Jewellery Design through research, development and innovation in materials and design processes.

Our students engage in traditional making skills whilst broadening their knowledge of advanced digital design and fabrication techniques.



“It is with great pleasure and indeed a sense of both pride and admiration, that I take this opportunity to congratulate the Three-Dimensional Design Honours Cohort of 2019/20.

This is a group of dynamic, active and engaged young creatives that have refined and completed their studies in areas spanning Product, Craft, Ceramics and Jewellery design, in spite of some of the most unforeseen challenges faced by any graduating cohort that has gone before them.

For four years staff in our department have watched this group grow in skill and confidence, and the spirit in which they have now successfully completed this period of study is a testament to the true potential and resilience that resides in each and every one of them.

On behalf of all staff in Three-Dimensional Design, I congratulate this cohort and present our collective best wishes for their creative futures. As always, we will watch these unfolding careers with great interest and celebration.”

Course Leader

Daniel Sutherland

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