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RGU Arts and Heritage

RGU Arts and Heritage Collections

Preserving and presenting artworks and artefacts which reflect the history and achievements of RGU.

RGU Art and Heritage hold an extensive collection of award winning and thought-provoking artworks along with historical artifacts and teaching aids which all support the following University’s strategic priorities.


RGU Art and Heritage was awarded full Museum Accreditation by Museums Galleries Scotland in February 2009.

RGU Art and Heritage Virtual Museum

Pyroclastic Flow

This virtual exhibition represents a selection of student award winning, dynamic and thought-provoking work selected from the 2017-2019 Gray's School of Art Degree Shows.

These works and many more now hold a place in the RGU Art and Heritage Collection, where they exist as part of a material record of student achievement, study and research.

RGU Art and Heritage remain committed to supporting exceptional students on their creative journey.

Exhibition List

1. Sarah Murphy
Seduire Collection, pink tulle dress, 2017
Fashion and Textiles

2. Leila Kleiniedam
Livestock, Lithops and Lingonberries, oil on canvas, 2019
Drawing and Painting

3. Showreel containing the following works:

Ellen Berns
Yolk, 2017
Communication Design

Cal Docherty
The Hidden Truths about Sport, 2018
Communication Design

Elsbeth Morrison
Confronting the Corporeal, 2018
Contemporary Art Practice

Sophie SchneeBerger
Discover Highlands, 2017
Communication Design

4. Adam Johannesson
The Faroes: A Different Kind of Museum, 2019
Communication Design

5. Anna Younie
Brodgar Collection, 2018
Three-Dimensional Design

6. David Rae
End of an Era, oil on canvas, 2018
Drawing and Painting

7. Isabel McLeish
Wind, stoneware, 2019
Contemporary Art Practice

8. Alison Grubb
Bismuth Collection, 2019
Three-Dimensional Design

9. Emmanuella Agnoni
The Eye of Memories, 2019
Contemporary Art Practice

10. Jasmin Ramirez
Exterior/Interior dress, 2019
Fashion and Textiles

11. Rowan Crawford
Nightfall, ink on Perspex, 2018
Contemporary Art Practice

12. Hannah Jakobsen
#Shoplesslivemore, 2017
Communication Design